A 1,000 GB external hard drive for just £115

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Z Cheema
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Not sure who tekstore is, or what drive they use.

TREKSTOR DataStation duo 1 TB USB 2.0 3.5" external hard drive


Capacity 1 TB
Interface USB 2.0
Performances 7200 rpm
Transfer Rate 24.5 MB/s
16.0 MB/s
Buffer Memory 16 MB
Required Configuration Microsoft Windows 98(SE) / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista
Mac OS X from 10.3.x
Linux Kernel 2.6.x
Content Mains adapter, USB cable, CD

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I still get dropped frames on even USB2 so it has to be Firewire for me.

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Looks fat enough to (possibly) be two drives in the box.

I believe the price of the 500Gb drives has come down to a little above £50 now.
I'm looking at getting 3 in a RAID 5 configuration so I have one redundant drive in case of failure.

@Des - Firewire uses isosynchronous comms peer-to-peer which can guarantee a bandwidth between devices. USB while having a nominal higher rate may only be able to attain this in bursts and the sustained transfer rate may be lower due to having more cpu overhead in driving the USB stack. This is why you get better results with it.


Gavin Gration
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We got a 1TB drive (2 x500) USB from Staples last month for under £100.00 using a voucher.

Firewire and USB2.0 are great - my experience is that they're both good enough for a couple of streams of DV or a single stream of uncompressed. However, both can suffer from the odd lock-up and need fettling. We edit on internal drives and then archive to external drives.

Z Cheema
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I have No problems with USB for capture on my 2.7Ghz machine, have you tried http://scenalyzer.com/, that's what I use.

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me be a fan of eSata