2GB file limit - Lite version!

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Hello all,
I am of course aware of the "2GB file limit", but I seem
to have the "lite" version; a 1GB limit!
Actually I think that I have heard of it before - but I
can't remember where, and a search of this BB and relevant
readme files has not helped.

At this stage it is probably not appropriate to go into a
lot of detail. I could, but it would make for a rather long
posting. And if somebody comes back with "oh yes - just do
this" is it not necessary.

So briefly:
Any attempt to "make a movie" which will result in a file
size over 1GB results in a freeze on playback(within Premiere)
at that point.
Attempts to play beyond it give an error message "MCI error.
Invalid file."
Playback in Fastcap simply crashes at the same point.

I am using a Fast AV Master for capture (with Fastcap) at
a compression of 6.5:1. (1GB = 5m:3s)
Audio interleave is 1 frame.
The editor is Premiere 4.2

The motherboard is an Abit PX6 (Intel "Tx") with an Intel
233 MHz MMX Processor. (Note the BIG M and H)

RAM - 64 MB (not mb or mB Oh all right - I'll stop it.)

Drives: one - Maxtor 10 GB on IDE 1
two - Maxtor 4 GB's on a Fastrack 66

The same thing happens with both the drive on the
motherboard, and the drives on the RAID controller.

Any ideas anyone?


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The 1Gb limit was the original AVI limit set by Microsoft. Manufacturers such as Fast and Miro (now Pinnacle) found ways to increase this to 2Gb.

The setup that you have should work with the full 2Gb with no problems so the first questions have to be "Was it always like this or has something changed?" followed by "How long since you last wiped the C: drive and installed a fresh version of Windows?" The 'MCI' error message you are getting sounds like a Windows problem and Windows problems are often best fixed by starting with a clean Windows installation.

I'm assuming that you are using Win 98 and AVM drivers 2.5 Build 19.

Ray Liffen

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Hello Ray,
Thank you for the reply. It set me thinking - which is what I
should have done before of course!

Normally my first reaction to any suggestion of O/S problems is to
format c: and install from scratch. I agree, it usually cures most
things. The reason that this did not occur to me, for once, is that it
is not that long since I did set up from scratch.

But I can not say with any certainly whether it was always like
this or not, because I can't remember ever generating a file as big
before. No, it is not because 5 minutes of my stuff is long enough for
anyone to suffer (even if true). It is because I do most of my stuff
as tapes-to-tape through a Panasonic '55 mixer. I just use NLE for the
tricky bits.

However I probably have made a mistake: I changed more than one
thing at once. I recently installed the Promise Fastrack (actually a
converted Ultra) AND installed Windoze '98 for the first time. So the
only way to establish a cure is to remove one of them.

What I shall probably do is return to Win '95. I am not at all
impressed with '98. Clip window operation in Premiere 4.2 is nothing
like as "smooth" in its operation as it was with '95. (A terribly
imprecise description, I know, but detail would take too long.) On the
other hand with Premiere 5.1c and Media Studio similar operations are
(I imagine) like nailing jelly to a ceiling!

I am using AVM V2.5/b19, which incidentally I find to work well
under Win '95, even thought it is supposed to be for '98 only.

I am in mid project at the moment, but when it is cleared I feel
another re-install coming up!


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I understand your situation - the middle of a project is no time to be fiddling with the operating system.

You are right that Build 19 works fine on 95 OSR2 as well as 98. However, the sledgehammer power of todays processors and graphics cards when combined with the hardware codec in the AVM means that I find no difference between 95 and 98 in terms of screen responsiveness. (And this is using A-B comparisons because all my hard drives, including C: drives, are in caddies so they can be swapped in and out at a moments notice). The one thing that does make a difference when scrubbing is if DMA is enabled / disabled on the hard drives.

Ray Liffen