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I recently had installed a 2nd IBM 30 Gig HD which is secondary to my boot drive (IMB 8 Gig).

My question is, do I install my DC10+ on my second HD, at the moment it is still installed on my boot drive.

To capture video, I am loading the DC10+ & saving to the 2nd HD, but when I want to make tape, I do not have the capacity, as it is trying to render to the boot drive.

Sorry to anyone who may think this is a trivial question.



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It is better to keep the programs and video files on seperate disks. There should be something in the settings for the video editing software to select the drive and directory you want to use to render. Generally under 'Options', 'Preferences' or similar.

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From memory the Studio software will only handle video files from one disk in any one project. On this basis you should set it to use the new disk - added advantage is that you have nothing else of value on it and can format it between projects

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