2nd Wedding up for review!!

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Hi everyone.

Just completed my second wedding. Have put it on Vimeo...still learning on the encoding so apologise for the quality. not sure what im doing wrong??

Comments welcome..good or bad.

The credits at the end was a request from the b&g



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Hi Perproductions,

If this is only your second wedding than you can be forgiven for many of the shots!

What I mean by this is there is far too much zooming in and out. For example, one shot ending with a zoom in followed by one starting from zoomed in to zoomed out and so on.
A little shaky in places, and the white disolves only reveal the cover ups for the use of one camera!

I thought you could have left in more vocals during the ceremony.

It was not bad though, a couple of nice shots, the table shot was good...

I think the major problem I see with this if I am going to be hyper critcal is the samenes to so many wedding samples out on the web..and this...which I personally find boring!

It breaks no new grounds at all and is very obvious. Hope this makes sense....it is a very crirical statement, but thats how we all learn.

I think in time you will develop a unique style, something different, be a bit more adventurous!:) their are glimpses of creativity there.



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Thanks..i can see what you mean about an idividual style.. i want to be able to have one but its just getting the basics down first then i can experiment.

the comment about covering up using 1 camera i dont undertand..what do you mean??

thanks for the comments though, they are all helpful.

would appreciate more!!

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If you really, really want to improve your shooting skills. Try watching without the sound on.
The rose tinted specs of a good music track sways many operators into believing their shots are the DB's. When in fact they're scraping by thanks to the music.
For your 2nd video though it's not bad and I'm sure your clients love it. The trouble is they will also love Uncle Tommy's video as long as they're the stars.
To stand out as professionals, we all have to rise above the norm on shooting and editing skills and stay really, really focussed.
Be inspired by others, but don't mimic every shot in their book or you'll just be another clone. As time goes by you'll spot your own observational strong points and develop them well.
Try joining a pro video organisation like the APV or IOV.Their forums advice and annual competitions will hopefully inspire you onwards and upwards.

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Considering this only your second wedding: well done! :)

There was just way too much zooming though. Try to find a shot and stick to it, or if you really feel it needs something extra, use movement rather than zoom. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of these people who think zoom should be avoided at all cost, quite the contrary, but in this case, there was an overload.

Another thing you can work is composition, you often leave too much "air" above people heads. Just lower your camera a bit. Also, try to get a few more real close ups, that's where you get can really get people's emotions.

Like Flame, I agree about the natural sound, it could have used a bit more. Either use enough or none at all.

Not at all a bad job!

It is easier to be critical than correct.

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Hi Perproductions,

Overall a lot of nice stuff and I can see you cutting more to the music.
A lot has already been said about your zooms and I thought the same. although I got the impression that sometimes you were zoomed far in and zoomed out because you couldn't hold the shot steady enough rather than for style and that's something that comes with practice.
I wasn't keen on the credits and think they'd have been better set to a piece of music on their own after the highlghts.
But good going for a second one

John Paul

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thanks for the comments everyone. really appreciate them.

Totally agree with the zooming. i need to find othe ways of getting the shots and getting different shots.

once again thanks and i have a wedding on thursday so i should be posting my next outcome in a couple of weeks