30/40gb mystery still unsolved..

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I have downloaded the disk manager 2000
utility from Ibm & used it to format the

but there seemed to be no provision within
the software to get the drive to report as the right size...(is this done by another utility?)

The drive still reports as 31gb (could it
be it is actually this size? & the sticker
on it is wrong...?)

Would installing w2000 as I am planning to
solve this problem...?

Would flashing the bios work? & where could
I get the flash from...? (It's a gigabyte

suggestions helpful..


John Farrar
Joined: Sep 13 2000

As Keitht says in the previous thread on this, it is probably your motherboard that is not recognising the new drive. So you would need to get the flash bios upgrade from the motherboards's website.
However, there can be problems with flash upgrading the BIOS but if you do a search on the subject you should find some answers.

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Also did you check the jumpers aren't set to restrict the size to 32Gb?

As for updating the bios ,as long as you read their instructions carefully,you get the right bios for your revision m/brd & you don't have a power cut whilst doing it ,it should be a doodle .
The only problem you might have is if their is actually a new bios available for your board ,eg Gigabytes support of boards more than a few years old is very poor ,but Asus's is generally very good.
What m/brd do you have?

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Yes... I had set the jumpers to clip 32gb
by mistake...

hey ho...!


Joined: Nov 29 2000

I have done that before. I have also had a faulty drive before. So don't feel bad.