40gb Maxtor - any good

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Chris Proc
Joined: Aug 8 1999

Can any one tell me if the new 40gb maxtor is upto the job of dv editing

Joined: Nov 14 1999

I don't think much of Maxtor engineering. I stay with quantum or IBM scsi...

Joined: Apr 5 1999

that was hardly an answer to the question.

Chris - check what it says about it at http://www.storagereview.com/

I has loads of data on all drives and you can create your own drive comparison tables.


Chris Proc
Joined: Aug 8 1999

Thanks David, i had a look at storage review
but it gets a bit too technical for me,
as to Maxtor Engineering, i dont think it can be any worse than IBM,s
in the last 15 months, i have had 4 IBM drives, and 2 of them went down the pan,
my brother has 2 18gb IBM Deckstars in his PC, In september, and 1 packed up on saturday.
so in all honesty Ibm.s are not exactly world beaters,
I also have 2 10Gb Quantum scsi drives, which have worked well upto now (FINGERS CROSSED)