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I'm referring to the topic 'Migrating to2000' in the November 2001 issue. My dad bought this magazine (he's interested in digital photography) and I saw this topic.

I've just installed windows 2000 on my comp, and I'm trying to set up internet connection sharing. I've done whatever they've told me to do, and well, it's not working. I couldn't set the other computer to share the internet connection. The other computer is running windows 95, with IE5.0. It's an old computer and won't support any other newer Os. What configuration should I put for this computer to enable Internet connection sharing??

(I'm coming here cos' it says, if I need any help, I can come here..)

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Windows 95 can be a bit of a swine.

Windows XP/2000 can just run the network setup utility to use the shared connection. Windows 98/Me can use the netsetup.exe on a floppy to run the wizard and achieve the same result. Unfortunately this program is not compatible with Windows 95.

Best thing you can do is,

Make sure TCP/IP is installed and configured to use DHCP (Through network in control panel)

On Internet Explorer in Tools and Options, make sure under LAN Settings that automatically detect is selected

Try that out and get back to us.