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Will dv now work with adobies latest version 6? and if so , how should the install proceed? I only ask because when first installing the card , the editing software had to be installed before the cards drivers, so if I install premiere 6 surely it wont see the fast card??!!

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If you want to use FAST.forward or do analog, best to wait for the 1.6 drivers (due in a couple weeks?). As it stands, I understand you can use Premiere 6, but only if the TI 1394 drivers are loaded, and that is at best a limited setup.

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You should install Premier 6.0 and then the drivers. The version 1.6 drivers which will be compatible with Premier 6.0 are not available yet.

You will be able to upgrade to Premiere 6 soon:

Customers who bought a product after 11 November 2000 will get the upgrade to Premiere 6.0 free (except for a handling & shipping charge). Those who bought it before that date will be charged, but the price has not been decided yet. This offer will only be available when Premiere 6.0 is released in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch, the languages that is available in. We hope to launch this offer within the next month. The version 1.6 drivers will be released to coincide with the launch of the upgrade offer. Please watch this space for another announcement soon.

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