ADS USB Instant DVD 1.0 and recording NTSC

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I have been recommended to post here as I am having a problem:

I recently purchased and ADS USB Instant DVD unit to go with my Athlon 1.2Ghz system. The unit has been working perfectly when I have wanted to make vcds from PAL video tapes - connecting my VCR up to the unit.

However, although my VCR can also play NTSC tapes, when I connect it up to the unit, it only shows the picture in black & white. Posting on the ADS Forum I have been told that the signal being broadcast from my Sony SLV-E720 VCR is not a 'true' NTSC signal so the unit can't pick it up correctly.

Apart from buying a new VCR are there any alternatives to send a 'true' NTSC signal that the unit can pick up?