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I am at the stage now where I have to increase the size of my video drive which is at present a 120Gb . My present layout is: 40Gb partioned , (15Gb programs, data 23Gb)
80Gb Mpeg drive
120Gb video drive 1
Sony DRU500a RW
I have a 300Gb drive which I would like to make as Video drive 2.
Can anyone tell me what would be needed to accomodate the additional drive as I have no spare slots left.
John R.

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Hi John
I presume these are IDE drives and you want to keep them all in there and just add to? If so, the only option i can think of is for a PCI expansion card, something like:

Ideally you should be looking at external firewire drives that you can swap/daisychain.. But if you've already got the hardware...

Alan Craven
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Another alternative is to use caddies for the video drives. This provides endless scope for expansion, plus being still EIDE you can capture or export without problem.

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Hi Guys,
thanks for your suggestions, it will give me somewhere to start looking.

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If adding a fourth drive you're increasing the load on the PSU.
If you want to keep the drive internal (best option for speed) and have a PSU rated between 250 and 350W I'd consider an upgrade to a high quality 420W+ variant from someone like Tagan.

Also even if the drive fits inside the case will the additional temperature load of a fast-spinning high-density 300Gb drive push the system over the edge when you're editing in summer?
It may sound silly right now but also consider a case upgrade if you're short or running out of space.

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