Advice for Laptop Video system

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For some reason, I'm having great difficulty buying a DeskTop system for my video editing. I am producing video for my own company at this point, and have been able to do this on a Dell Inspirin with great results. What I'm wondering is, has anyone found a good system to use? I like Dell, but I'm wondering about external harddrives. I use the Lacie drive and love it, but have not tried to edit with DV on it yet- if anyone has any advice on whether drives such as this are appropriate and on systems in general I'd be most appreciative. Tim


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Koshi8, what is your model of Inspiron. I have an I8000, changed the modular 2nd hard drive to 80 gig, bought a second hard drive caddy from Dell, and another 80g drive from elsewhere. I find for the bits of editing I need, it does everything I want, and I have enough storage space. If I need any further space, I archive back to DV tape via the integral firewire. If your's has firewire, has a fast enough processor, and enough memory, do you need a desktop?
good luck, Waldo