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Steven W
Joined: Nov 16 1999

I have learnt quite a lot from these boards but I still have to just confirm I'm doing the right thing here and would appreciate any feedback.

I have a pII 350, 196MB Ram,QDI legend motherboard, win98se 8 gig H.D, Pinnacle's new DV studio connected via firewire,

I have been editing dv but obviously something is too slow here. It won't record back properly (Jerky, more frames lost than found!). I expected this because I am running the O.S on the same drive(Does this make a big difference?). Even though it says my data transfer is anout 5MBps.

I have ordered a maxtor 20.4 HD 6800 series which comes today.

AM I going to need a promise card? or will downloading this 66update file from Maxtor get it going fast enough?
If not should I get the ultra66 card or the ultra33? Are they easy to install?

Advice would be very appreciated. Thanks.

Alan Roberts at work
Joined: May 6 1999

5MBps sounds a bit slow for DV. Particularly if the video is on the system drive. Although you need only 3.61MB/s for DV, that is the sustained rate. The burst rate needs to be a fair bit higher than that to avoid the cpu spending all its time routing video for you.

A modern ATA drive should be fine as the second drive, I use an IBM 25G that reports 18-19MB/s and have no problems with data transfers at all. ATA 33 is more than adequate, pretty well all the newer drives are ATA 66 but run perfectly fast enough masquerading as ATA 33. You should be ok, but remember to turn on DMA, see Bob's messages in the FAQ forum for details.

Also, remebre to turn off things like USB ports, modems, screen savers and so on. Video editing places high demands on a PC, even a fast one.

Hope that helps.

Roy Brotherton
Joined: Sep 19 1999

Steven - Let me know what success you have with the 66 update from Maxtor - I installed a 6800 2 weeks ago as a slave and I still can't get the blessed thing to run in DMA, or for the 66 update to successfully run.

Good Luck!

John H Jones
Joined: Apr 25 1999

I'm also considering fitting an additional hard drive. However, most hard drives on sale appear to be OEM. What therefore do I need to purchase as extras bearing in mind that my master hard drive is UDMA 33?