Advice re setup of sony vaio desktop hardrives

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Hiya i have a vaio desktop RX203.

It comes with a 120gb maxtor hardrive.

Sony have partioned the drive into two 60gb partions.

I have some options and looking for suggestions which is better.

Option one is to repartion the current drive,
into a say 20gb boot 100gb capture, or 30gb boot/90gb capture etc.

Should i partion into 3 drives say a boot drive of 20gb a 5 gb drive for the swap file and then the remainder as a capture drive?

The other thing i was thinking, with which i would need a lot of help and not sure whether it will work, was to move the supplied 120gb drive and make it a second drive.

Then i would buy a seperate smaller hardrive as before 20/30gb and make this a boot drive.

The sony comes with recovery disks, would these allow me to reinstall everything as it was on a new smaller drive?

I think the PC has two ide controllers one is currently for the Harddisk the other runs a Pioneer 104 as a master, and a CDrom as a slave.

Should i leave it like this? and put the new boot drive as a master with the present 120gb drive as slave? Is there any jumper settings needing adjusting?

Or should i make both Harddisks as Masters on each Ide , and move the dvd writer and cd rom to slave ports?

thanks for any advice


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yes , the rebuild discs allow other sizes of partitions to be rebuilt , as 'chirpy' found out.

so yes , buy a smaller 'boot' hard drive and move the large one to 'slave' position.

i have machines with both harddrives on same controller , and on seperate controllers.
as of p3-450 i havn't seen any diference in performance either way round.

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