Advice required on purchasing a Raid array

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Hi, first post here. At work I edit mini DV footage using adobe premiere and output to Mpeg vcd.

I seem to get a fair amount of hard drive failures which results in a loss of data. It has been suggested that a Raid array would be a good idea as if one drive fails the information will be mirrored onto the other drives and you jsut ened to replace the faulty drive.

On looking into this there are many types of Raid and drives that can be used. Also there is internal Raid or a seperate external rack of drives that can be used. Looking for a "fairly" cheap solution with ideally a terabyte of acutal storage.

Not sure if an external set of drives or internal is preferable, and if I should have the c: drive on a raid array too?

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sorry .... missed this.

1. raid 1 is mirroring .... so 2 x 250gb drives = a 250gb hopefully safe storage area.
2. so for a terrabyte you need 4 x 500GB drives = 2 x 500gb raid1 mirrors
3. i suggest a hardware card to control it , and ,( against my better judgement :) ) , a sata raid controller card.
4. that requires 4 x drives that will get very warm ..... so

time for an esata external case with the 4 drives in it , with serious cooling. has some info ( not cheap )

drives are £146.75 Inc VAT for a single 500GB sata drive from

i would however think that firewire raid1 would be as good.
see which is a 2x250GB raid1 array

i think best solution is to phone a decent company who deal with video editing and ask them what they recommend ( if at all ) in the way of external raid array units.

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You might want to take a look at this:

Proavio Editbox 8ML

You could either,

A) use one or two multilane adaptors in your host PC to utilise you existing SATA ports or

B) add a RAID card with multilane connectors. E.g. Areca or AMCC 3Ware

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