advice on upgrading my video drive

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At the moment I am using a 40Gb drive for both video and audio files, but I want to upgrade to an 80Gb drive for video only . Can any of you guys who are much more experienced than me , give some aqdvice as to which models might suit my requirements. I want to be able to do this within the next couple of days if possible, any advice would be much appreciated.
Regards John R.

John Farrar
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I prefer Maxtor drives but most makes will do the business. Just get the biggest you can afford i.e 60-80GB+.

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This subject has been covered endlessly in this forum, so please just have a browse to see the arguments for and against different models and specs and about people's experiences with different brands.

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Bob C

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I would qualify John Farrar's response about buying the biggest you can afford. Yes big is good but the biggest available tend to be considerably dearer in terms of gig per quid. For example a 100 meg drive will tend to be around 2/3rds of the price per gig of a 200 at present.



Regards Keith