after the news Microsoft will develop a player to rival Apple's

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“…Finally, one of the things that we just announced last week is a move into the music and video space in portable entertainment, something we call Zune. I want to spend a few moments here talking about Zune and give you a little bit of context. I think the first thing to understand about Zune is that we are taking a more integrated approach to this. Microsoft will be involved in the hardware, in the software, and the services. We think that's important to produce the number one thing that has to happen in this marketplace, which is a great customer experience. And we have to tie those things together in some ways like we have in the Xbox world, where in the hardware, software, and Xbox Live service we have tied things together in a great experience…”
------from Financial Analyst Meeting 2006 by Robbie Bach
Since the news that Microsoft will develop a player around this September to rival Apple's iPod, more and more people focus on it. I would like to share the news about it here also. As Microsoft hasn’t made any formal proclamation about it yet, no one is sure what Microsoft will publish and when it will be out. But according to the words of the Microsoft Staff (Chris Stephenson, a general manager of marketing for the software maker and Robbie Bach, President, Entertainment & Devices Division), the player is likely be Zune or a series including Zune.

This player will be a multi-functional one as combines music, video and game together. One Indian media said that Microsoft's Zune player will be out in Nov.14th this year, and it will be in Dark, Grey and White. And any two colors can be combined together upon the user's favor.

And the player is with 30G hardware and supports FM broadcasting. Its screen is 50% larger than the one of Apple iPod player. And it will be sold around $399 which is the same valued as Apple iPod 60G player while more expensive than 30G Apple iPod player. The professionals points out the reason is that Microsoft Zune player has richer functions.

The insider disclosed that the Zune player's menu list provides options for "music", "video", "picture", "community", and "settings" while "game" is not included at the moment.

Some media said the player will support 400MHz DSP Processor, 30G hardware and Windows Mobile system.

I think the player is possible to support wma and wmv formats as Media Player is also Microsoft’s product.

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More details about the Microsoft Staff’s talk:

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