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right the problem discussed below continues

The computer reboots itself during running windows, especially when doing multiple tasks, ie downloading from the internet (broadband connection) whilst typing a report. Which to me suggests the cpu is overheating. This computer is only used for admin and it's internet connection thus i'd think it's spec would be good enough???

I've checked the temp it's at 37 and remains constant in bios.

I've checked the memory, it's fine.

I've changed the heatsink,although i didn't clean it!!!!!

The power supply has been changed

1. the system is duron 8oo based computer on a sis motherboard with 512sdram
a maxtor 20 gig h/d
soundblaster live
power 300w
usb weststar cable modem

I have however been to my local pc repair shop run by a highly experienced IT technician who obviously repairs comps on a daily basis he said

that it wasn't essential to clean the cpu of thermal paste before installing a heat sink, he never does because it can damage it.

he said it was highly unlikely the power supply, i told him it was new and 300w, he uses non standard powers supplys and rarely gets problems.

He said that it was the cpu that is damaged possibly due to the fan not working for some time without me realising. So i bought a duron 1300 for £20 and i'm gonna try that, he said if it's not that he'll fix it for free.

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One thought springs to mind.

Does this only happen when you are using the internet?

If so, then it could be caused by a problem with the motherboard being borderline on the usb power (these modems use a lot of power).

You might want to try putting a powered usb hub between your computer and the modem.

Hope this helps