AMD or Gigabyte motherboard ...

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I don't speak english well, I'm sorry.
I have two PC:
PIII 800EB and AMDXP 2400+ with 7VAX gigabyte motherboard, I have ieee 1394 (Firewire) card too. With PIII I capture, without problems, from my panasonic digital video cam. Nevertheless I don't capture digital video with AMDXP. Which is the reason?. The OS is equal in both PC (WinXP SP2 with patch Q810032_WXP_SP2_x86_ENU).

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Hi - sorry no ones got back to you yet, but there really are not enough details to help you.

What message are you seeing?

Can you confirm there are no problems reported in device manager?

Does the AMD system operate correctly otherwise?

Just a couple of the things we will need to know before we can proceed.