AMD it worth it?

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Hi all,

I am just after some advice from anyone who is interested.

I'm currently using an AMD Athlon 800 in a ASUS A7V motherboard and have been toying with the idea of overclocking it to around 1gig or so...just to improve my video editing performance. Not that it's that sluggish at the moment, I just want to suck the most I can get from my processor.

I've been researching it on the net and with friends, and it does'nt seem toooo difficult, but I don't know of anyone with any first hand accounts and was just wondering if it is really worth it in the end.

Has anyone done this and noticed major improvements...or problems? Any tips or things I should look out for? Should I even bother?

Just curious.


Stuart B-M
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Dear Q,


Personally i do NOT recommend overclocking it is not just your cpu that makes increases in "editing performance".

If you are really keen on the idea try but on the forums a great many people push it just a little too far, or dont really know what they are doing and end up with more work and cost than they bargained for, i appreciate this is only my opinion and everyone is intitled to there own (a great many people enjoy doing this) but if it goes wrong it can be very costly.

Kind regards.

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I was clocking my 1.1GHz Athlon at 1.3 for a while (by winding the FSB settings up) no problems but there's always that nagging doubt that a blue-screen or hang is due to this and not something else. When this happens at 2am during the final phase of some really important project, it makes the extra 2% rendering speed a little pointless ?

I wound the clock up on the T400 Geforce2 Graphics card, since this is relatively cheap (£56) and benchmarks show a definite improvement. I did this incrementally while while checking the heatsink. I (cynically) think that they set the clock settings to achieve smooth "price/performance" points in the product range.


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