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I have a Gigabyte motherboard GA-7IXE, 700Mhz Athlon (ok not state of the art) with AMD 751/756 chipset and Windows 98SE. What happened about 2 weeks ago on rebooting, due to some crash or other, a message like "Folder should be a File, Press enter to convert"(?, I declined the offer. However could not access my email (Hotmail) so after a few reboots I pressed enter! Big mistake! About 3000 folders were created on my C: drive.An undetected virus I thought, so I re-installed the system after reformatting the drive. But now I get along with Blue Screen crashes,when I'm trying to burn to CD-RW error message stating "bad ram", I haven't tried to do any video editing. So I went to a local fair and got some ram, taking the old ram out, no difference, took it out and replaced the original. I was begining to suspect the BIOS, so I searched the net and found a site and followed their recommendations (not exactly the same commands in the chipset setup) generally speaking. Anyhow eventually I must have used some wrong settings, as the BIOS totally locked up. I could not even reboot from the floppy and the monitor remained blank. Oh good I thought I've ruined the BIOS! However having done a similar thing with an Amstrad 1512, when creating a RAM disc many years ago, I located the battery on the motherboard, pulled it and rebooted OK. Except I still get "bad ram", no suprise there then. Can faulty settings in the Chipset Features Setup result in "bad ram" messages? If so what should they be? Do I still have faulty ram due to poor anti-static precautions?