Another DV500 cry for help, It's half working!

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Lee A Roe
Joined: Apr 15 2001

I have great sympathy for all the DV500 owners out there, as I am now falling foul of the dreaded Miro/Pinnacle Plug N Play myth.
"Recently" bought DV 500 and installed it (Nov 2000) to the exact word of the manual. I have never yet had this thing working properly and frustration is getting the better of me. I thought that the low cost upgrade to Prem 6 may have solved it but alas no.
I can capture using DV tools no problem at all, even go to the capture folder and double click the files and they playback superb. I try to import them into Prem 6 and they just give me a black screen in the bin preview but with choppy audio. If a try and drag them into the trim window then nothing happens, not even audio. So try and capture with Prem and it keeps reporting that no device is attached or recognised. Can capture using composite into Prem but will not let me save them as they are unrecognised format. When loading a preset the Pinnacle ones are present and I choose Pinnacle DV pal (normal choice) but when I study the settings it does not have an entry next to video compressor, as though the DV500 codec is not present. Maybe this is why it cannot recognise the files when trying to import. Long winded I know but can anyone throw some educated light on this one ? A thousand thank you's in anticipation.
My system consists of the following:

ASUS Socket A A7V motherboard Apollo KT133A Chipset
Latest Bios version just loaded yesterday
Award Software Release Date 09/21/2000
VIA Chipset Driver 4 in 1 429v(a)
AMD Duron 850 Socket A Processor
ATX 300W Power Supply
512 SDRAM PC 133 (1 x 256 and 2 x 128)
42gb IBM Telesto 7200 HD plus (Capture drive)
15gb Quantum Fireball Boot drive
1.4 Floppy Drive
Hercules Prophet Geforce 2 mx AGP card
SoundBlaster Live Platinum
Plextor Ultraplex CDrom and Pioneer DVD rom drive
Mircrosoft USB Intelliexplorer mouse
Logitec Cordless keyboard
21" Cornerstone P1500 monitor
MS Windows 98SE
DV500 Card
Premier Ver 6 RT
DV500 Ver 2.00
Loaded PPE File from CD ROM
Set BOIS to: Disabled Power Management
Tried Plug and Play Yes and No
Tried System performance Normal or Optimal
read-ahead set to none
Disabled write-behind
Deleted prem50.prf
Disc Drives both set to DMA
Disable Creative SB 16 Emulation