Anyone know how to get at the HDD in a Toshiba Satellite 4080 laptop?

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Anyone know how to get at the HDD inside a Toshiba Satellite 4080 laptop?

This machine belongs to the brother of Jake Williams (editor of What Camcorder), and appears to have a broken/sticking HDD.

I have downloaded the manual from Toshiba UK's site but there is nothing in it about getting at the hard disk - and I'm wary of simply unscrewing all the screws on the base of the machine, because some of these laptops are put together like a complex puzzles.


Bob C

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most of the laptops we have can slide the drive units out by at most releasing one screw or pulling a 'slider'.
the screws have a different pattern on the plastic surrounding them , when compared with screws to hold the case together.
sorry but we don't have any toshiba's.

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David Pearson
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No idea! :)
But - in case any hints are relevant to you or others - has a nice guide to doing so on at least one range of Vaio laptops.

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Hi Bob,

Most new laptops that don't have a side panel that slides off where the disk is hiding. It will either be under a panel on the bottom.

No panels on the bottom? then it is probably under the keyboard.

If you can't get it out, you can send it my way, I have a nice new power saw that should get it out

But seriously, I'll take a look if you want.



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Thanks folks.

Fortunately, Toshiba's PR company came to the rescue with instructions!

Just for the record, here they are:


The HDD is situated on the left hand side (to the front) of the machine as it sits in front of you with the screen facing you.

It is situated behind a plastic cover(sort of bullet shaped) in front of the modem slot. It is held in by one Philips(posidrive) screw on the base of the machine (second screw from the front of the machine) just at the point in the HDD cover where you would be able to place your finger nail or a flat blade screw driver to pop off the cover after removing the screw.

The HDD is then accessible by removing one more Philips(posidrive) screw holding the frame and then by pulling on the metal arm connected to the HDD frame and remove the drive from the bay.

When returning the HDD to the bay slide it in till it will slide no further and then make sure to push on both corner ends of the drive to make the pins connect onto the receiver in the drive bay and then screw the frame onto the chassis.

Bob C