Anyone used Abit KG7-RAID?

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After seeking the advice of dvdoctor about 6 months ago I bought a Pana DX110B or less than a grand and have been delighted with the results, thanks. I have now filled several tapes and so its time to build an NLE system.
The KT7a-RAID gets lots of generally favourable reviews, but the DDR version has now been launched (KG7-RAID) and yet I've not seen a mentin here and my searches have shown nothing either.

Anyone used it or got any comments? I plan to build a system that is a compromise between future proof and cost - I've been putting it off as I wanted to see how DDR was recieved.


Richard Choroszewski
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Well IF you get one and have it working soon, please let us know as I'm sure there would be a lot of interest in this combination

My researches indicated that this board would not be out in numbers until August.

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Thanks for the response Richard.
£150 plus unknown delivery time puts this firmly out of the running.

I'll probably go for PD'd recommendation of Gigabyte 7DXR, but maybe an Epox if its more than 3 weeks in arriving.