Apple Announce iPhone & Apple TV

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Yesterday at the MacWorld Keynote Speech Steve Jobs announced 2 new products:

Apple TV is the new name given to iTV which Apple first demoed last September. It's powered by an Intel Processor and has a 40GB Hard drive. Capable of streaming videos, music and photos from up to 5 computers (PC or Mac) via USB 2.0, ethernet, WiFi (802.11b/g/n) it can then display via Component or HDMI at 720p. Cost will be $299 but no word on Uk cost yet.

The iPhone which has been the topic of many Apple rumours was also announced. There is a lot of information about this phone with Apple claiming it to be "a revolutinoary new mobile phone" as well as "a breakthrough internet communications device". It's 11.6 mm thick and has a 3.5-inch 480 x 320 widescreen touchscreen - no buttons! Built in is a 2 megapixel cam, 4GB or 8 GB of storage, Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR and A2DP, WiFi and quad-band GSM radio with EDGE. Apple are deliberately not calling it a smart phone claiming that "they're not so smart and they're not so easy to use". It runs Mac OS X including widgets and Safari and by partnering with Google and Yahoo it also offers Googlemaps and free push-email. Interaction is via a "Multi-Touch" interface and it syncronizes via iTunes. Available in America in June for $499 or $599 and in Europe in Q4 Apple intends to ship 10 million units worldwide this yeargiving them a 1% market share in its first year.

Also announced that they are no longer Apple Computer, Inc but just Apple, Inc to reflect the change in products they sell.

While not video editing related, what do DV Doctor users think about this. Personally I think the first version of Apple TV will fail due to the small hard drive and lack of 1080i/p but think a later upgrade will improve sales. I think the iPhone does look very innovative but the price is too high. However I think Apple will easily make their target of 10 million units as people seem to be willing to pay extra for the cool designer looks and easy user interface associated with Apple products. Anyone thinking of buying one?


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interface looks very snazzy, after watching video demos of the thing. am not an appolyte, but it seems quite tasty.

not enough to part with that amount of cash, anyway

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The Apple TV is £199 and available from next month. It's not something I would necessarily buy at the moment but I can see its appeal.

As for the phone - there are many bog-standard phones which cost almost as much at the moment (although we are guessing here as UK pricing has not yet been announced). To be able to buy a mobile device capable of doing all that the iPhone can for that price seems very reasonable to me.

It's still a bit of a rich man's toy but highly desirable! :)

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from some american friends , the following rumours

1. It is Locked to one phone system
2. it may therefore have no 'sim' and looks like no user changeable 'battery'

i see it as only usable as a phone with a bluetooth headset , phone is too bulky to want at the side of your head.

Apple don't own registerred trademark for 'iphone' .... linksys among others have products with that name already.

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"Cisco expects Apple agreement on iPhone trademark"

Some Pictures:

Since it won't arrive in Europe for many months this announcement is more a 'concept' demonstration rather than a finalised product. A 3G version is in development.