Apple, just one more thing

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Back in February, we carried a news item re Apple moving to windows. Most people considered it to be crazy, yet if you look at what is going on today, Apple has moved to Intel, and whilst not abandoning their own OS it is clear that supporting Windows on the platforms is something they are officially and successfully .

Next we at DVdoctor have said that at some point Apple should get out of the PC hardware business and license the production to a Dell or HP. Interestingly at the same time as the great financial results for apple were introducted, Gartner group recommends the same thing

There are a few scenarios, one is that Apple simply get Dell or HP to build and sell and distribute a special APPLE config of a PC. The other is that Apple offered its next version of the OS to run on a PC that conforms to a specific spec.
IF Apple at this point in time, along with Microsoft's rolling out of Vista were to offer Leopard unbundled from the hardware, it would make for an interesting race in the market.

When we have a major OS upgrade point in the market, getting people to switch becomes a far easier task

It seems that a virus infected a small number of Apple's new Ipod systems. How Apple reacted basically blaming Windows for being able to be infected, has drawn quite a bit of fire