Archiving and SATA II trouble

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Hi, I record all the teaching from out Sunday morning services to be edited and then placed on the web and dvd. We have been doing this since february and each teaching is about 45 mins. My final render is in dvd and now i have about 400 gig of finished files. Each one is encoded into real, qt, wmv and an ipod video friendly qt format. They also go onto dvds for the less computer minded or to be sent around the world.

I am keeping the finals in dv as I don't know what else to store them as. They are too big to go onto dvd as files and hard drives are pricey and i'm worried if one fails. I need to keep the finals in case i decide to release them in another format or find a more efficient compression.

If I encode these in Mpeg2 thru procoder will I still be able to do this or does anyone else have another solution.


I also got a 500 gig WD hard drive this week. My motherboard is Sata 1 so i put the jumper on pins 5 and 6 like the drive said to force sata 1 speeds. On both my computers the drive spins click a few times and then spins down. The bios doesn't see it so i think it's a hardware fault. Any ideas and anyone know if pci based sata II controllers exist. I can only find pci-e cards and my graphics card is in there.

Sorry for length.


EVGA sr-2/ 2x x5850 win7 x64. Editing in Ppro CS5 Shooting on Sony Z7, nex-VG10