Asus K8VSE & Matrox Rt.X100

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I foolishly upgraded my Pinnacle Pro One Card to the Matrox RT.X100 and the video editing card refuses to work with my system.

My system is an Athlon 64 3200, Asus K8VSE motherboard, Ati 9600XT Graphics card and 512Mb.

The advice from Matrox was rather unhelpful - they said that the VIA chipset has not been validated and suggested I bought a new Mobo.

Being as my system is only 8 weeks old and I don't want to invalidate the warranty, I am reluctant to do this.

I'd be intereted to know if anyone else has managed to get this card working with this motherboard.

I'm trying to use it with Adobe Premiere 1.5 but Premiere simply freezes.

Be warned!


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In my determination avoid this problem I have spent five weeks digging out info from the net and other places. There is simply very little info on the subject of compatibility. Even the Matrox site which lists validated chipsets and systems are outdated ie their list of compatible sockets and shipsets are old!! The Computer Video Editing Mag has done no reviews on all in one compatible systems. It seems that companies are just interested in selling separate hardware components and the lack of industry standards makes you and me their guinea pigs. Big sympathy.



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I very much sympathise with all the expense and problems you have been through.
I have been a keen reader of Computer Video for at least 4-5 years.
And have noticed that most of the time the Windows PC editing systems listed at the last pages of the mag have been Pentium based.
Only lately we see some Amd systems.
Perhaps this may indicate if any Amd systems work or not with highend AV/DV cards.And have you noticed that most softwares recommend ' Pentium ' systems.
It is probably true that Softwares like Premiere , especially Pro 1.5 do not work on Amd systems.
But will any seller admit to that? They may just be interested in your dosh :rolleyes: