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Hi all

Could anyone help me to get the on-board sound working on my asusa7v266 mboard. I do not get the indication in the win98 multimedia audio playback check box which remains shaded, as if no sound card is installed. I will eventually get a separate sound card but untill then would like to get the on board to work!! Any help appreciated


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I'd expect this to be detected by Windows and for Windows to ask you for drivers - which will be on the CD that came with the motherboard.

If this doesn't happen then quite possibly you'll need to run some setup program that is on the CD.

Alternatively - and check this first - the onboard sound may be turned off in the motherboard's bios.

Bios settings are accessible as the PC starts booting up - usually by pressing the Del key or the F2 key - but which key it is, is usually shown during the boot up process, with a line like, "press Del to access Bios".

Bob C