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Has anybody used any drives supporting the new standard and what advantages/disadvantages did you find.
I am thinking about adding an IBM Dekstar 46Gb drive to my system as a second video drive to compliment the features on my ASUS A7V board.

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As you appear to have a Duron or thunderbird system could you post details of your system in the system config. part of this board?
I know many of us would like to build a duron system and if you have been successful in getting a capture card and DV video cam. to work in harmony your info would help.

Thanks in anticipation.

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The September issue of Computer Video mag (the latest issue, that is), has as its cover story a rather intriguing report about using ATA100. It uncovers some rather surprising facts.

A second piece about ATA100 was promised for the October issue but looks likely to be delayed a month because, to our amazement, the Promise FastTrak100 card that we were using does not support drives larger than 32GB (and we'd rounded up four 60GB drives which turned out not to work because of this limitation)!


Bob C

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Hi Bob,

Just to clarify what you have said, the Promise FastTrack100 does of course support individual drives with a capacity of over 32GB but it does not support an array of drives over 128GB; therefore the capacity limitation of each individual drive in that (four drive) array is 32GB.

Therefore using only two of the 60GB Maxtor DiamondMax® 60 96147U8 Ultra-ATA/100 drives would work but what we are looking to achieve, which is populating all four of the FastTrack100's channels to create a RAID array in hardware, will not

Using the FastTrack100 as simply an Ultra-ATA/100 interface and attaching four 60GB+ drives and creating a stripe set in software under Windows NT4/2000 would also work.

As you have been absent you may not know that, Andrew Vaux from Maxtor and Claire Adam and Stephen Humphrey from their media relations representatives MCC International Ltd pulled out all the stops to provide us with four 30GB Maxtor DiamondMax® Plus 45 7200RPM 53073H4 Ultra-ATA/100 drives in time for this months editorial deadline but unfortunately amongst other things the resolution of a power supply issue has caused us to accept next months issue as a more realistic target.

What I can say at this stage is that, when you consider the competition they have cough* IBM *cough, I find it astonishing that Maxtor can supply these drives at the prices they can; notwithstanding the fact that they appear to have been manufactured in America to a very high quality.

People here will know that I have long been a hardcore proponent of IBM storage but… well, we’ll see…


Paul Dutton
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Having recently upgraded to a KA7-100 motherboard (with integrated HPT370 UDMA-100 Raid Controller) and 2x30gb IBM 75GXP's ... what sort of transfer speed should I be seeing in a raid0 config ?

I have had some wild differences in reported (via SiSoft Sandra) performance using different BIOS and different driver versions.

The best so far is ~42mb/second, worst is ~10mb/sec

(Not got this months mag yet - so don't know if this has been answered yet )

The odd thing is, if I use an earlier beta bios (ry beta 1, 1.0.620 hpt370 bios iirc) and earlier hpt370 drivers (cant remember exact version - but from the raid drivers stuff on bxboards) then I get the best (reported by SiSoft Sandra) performance.

The advertised sustained transfer speed for these drives is 37mb/second.....

Oh.. I am using the EIDE cable that came with the mobo (and it is a UDMA/66 one - is there a difference for UDMA/100 ?)

Ho hum...

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Think I have sorted this now.

fresh install of winblows and performance is fantastic.

~42mb/sec write and ~78mb/sec read (tested with sandra and the tool that comes with the DV500).

A system call that should never fail has failed.