ATA 66 + Fastrack as a Temp. Boot Drive?

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My PC is in a pretty bad way at the moment, and without going into the details, I've come to the conclusion that getting another drive and doing a fresh install is the simplest option, even though I've backed everything up on DVDRam, I can't even get into windows, never mind format my current Bootdrive - it's just a software thing -

ANYWAY, to the point,

as I am considering getting a nice promise fastrack RAID system going, I'm wondering if I can avoid having to buy an extra plain IDE bootdrive [as a temp to erase the windows on the other one], buy installing windows on an ATA66 drive connected up to the fastrack, what i mean is, can I just have 1 RAIDed ATA66 drive on the fastrack card and use it as a temporary bootdisk? or do you have to have a minimum of 2 in order to RAID them?
will it not let me install windows on an ATA 66 drive which is plugged into the fastrack card?

this would mean that I could invest in a 25 or 37gb whopper [and gradually add another 3], instead of having to scale down my ATA 66 aspirations in order to afford another bootdisk [i would go for a Fujitsu 17gb for £121 which I think is the best value around]


I have a querie about ATA 66 drives,

Mr Crabtree has already suggested I go for 2x 25Gb ones, but I'm am concernad about the seek time speed,

I have a Canopus DVRexM1, and i distinctly recall from some literate on it, that you were advise to have a HD with at least 8.5 ms seek time, all the big ATA 66 are about 9 ms, and usually 5,400 rpm, so I'm wondering if it'd be better for me to go for 1 or 2x 18gb Quantum Fireball KA's which have 8.5 ms,
am I just worrying about nothing - or does it actually make a difference, I don't wnat to rush in and make a mistake - I already did that once in getting a 9gb Seagate Cheetah - yes it's very nice, but I'm sure I wouldn't hav noticed any difference with a couple of 9gb Quantum Atlas III's,

please can someone help me soon, as I really need to buy a hard drive this week,?

also, I have W98SE and WinNT4, can I have them installed on two seperate drives in the same PC and select which one I want to use on Bootup [NT for video, 98 for Audio]?

Do you think I can fit that in there?!?