An Athlon setup that working

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Hi all,
I thought that I'd post my working Athlon/DV setup that works great.

I've only had this setup for about 5 days, so I may run across problems, but at this time I've been able to capture 4 mins with no dropped frames, and playback 6.5 minutes with no problems.

The setup:
Motherboard: MSI K7T Pro2
Processor: Thunderbird 1.1G
Memory: 512Meg
Firewire: Actiontec 1394 Firewire
Camera: Sony TRV-120 (ntsc)
Storage devices:
WD 10Gig ATA/33
WD 40Gig ATA/100
Exabyte 8505 (8mm tape backup, SCSI)
Quantum DLT4000 (DLT tape backup, SCSI)
Iomaga Jaz (SCSI)
Philips 8/4/32 CD-RW (IDE)
Plextor 4x CD (SCSI, don't know why I haven't removed it yet. )
Other hardware:
Iomega Buz (only the SCSI portion is in use)
Viper V550 video (AGP)
A generic 10/100 NIC
I'm using the built in sound card

Windows 2000 Pro SP1, DirectX 7.
Media Studio Pro
Paint Shop Pro 5.01

Hope this helps you make a decision!

Brian Millham