Athon Cooling

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John Disdle
Joined: Dec 28 2000

I have just upgraded from a 1Gig Athlon to 1.3Gig 266fsb. All working ok. The new proc. runs a bit warmer than the old.

I have seached the AMD site for any information on operating temp. for the Athlon without any joy.

At the moment it is about 35c = 95f when the drives are not under any strain, but rising to 40c = 104f when working. The m/board temp. goes up to about 34c = 93f.

The old 1Gig sat at around 35/36c = 95/98f.
Does anyone know what the max. temp is please.
I have front and rear fans, but I can disconnect either without making much difference. The proc. fan has a vent in the side of the case with a tube direct to it.

Thanks in advance
John Disdle


Nick Woods
Joined: Jun 3 2001

I have an Athlon XP1600+ (these are all 266FSB)

My case temp under load was originally about 22-23C and the CPU when under load was about 39-40C

I've now overclocked it and its running as an XP1900+ with a vcore voltage of 1.85volts (instead of the default 1.75). It now runs at about the same case temp but the CPU gets up to about 48-49C under load.

I would say your temps are pretty good. I beleive the max temp for an Athlon is around the 90C mark but the sensors on most motherboards are indirect (ie they measure the heat coming off the CPU, not the heat actually in it) so most people seem to think 65-70C is about as hot as you want it to get.

If you want to know more about cooling have a look at the forums on - they have a whole section on cooling. Their parent site also have a lot of articles about it



John Disdle
Joined: Dec 28 2000

Hi Nick.

I have a little way to go yet. 80c is I hope, a long way off even in the summer.
I will have a look at the overclocker`s site.

Many thanks for the info.



Joined: Mar 5 2002

The cooler your processor, the longer it lasts. You aim should be to run it as cool as possible. An obvious statement I know, but it is a good idea to get the best cooler as possible. I have had the problem of having a cheap fan fail quite quickly and now I cannot get a good thermal conduit from the processor to the heatsink/fan and my Athlon Thunderbird 1300 runs at around 80 deg Celcius under strain.