ATI & Avivo XCode: 5x faster encoding....

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Terry Stetler
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Not that I'm a big fan of ATI because of their kludgy way of doing TV-out's, but this sounds interesting;

Encoding movies five times faster

By Arnt Kugler

ATI Avivo XCode Avivo XCode:

Top-secret power tool for ATI’s Radeon X1000 GPUs

CHIP Online had the opportunity to test a beta version of ATI’s still secret „Avivo XCode“ encoding tool. It uses the power of the GPU to reduce video encoding time –into virtually any format – drastically. Our results show: The new ATI solution easily does it 5 times faster than even the fastest CPUs available today!


Video codec support

Our Avivo XCode beta supports 11 video codecs/profiles: MPEG 1/2, VCD, S-VCD, DVD, MPEG 4 (DivX Compatible), WMV9, Portable Media Center, H.264 (AVI), MPEG-4 (Sony PSP Compatible Video) and H.264 (MP4 Apple iPod Compatible Video). So Avivo XCode is suitable for PSP and iPod Video fans as well as owners of modern cellphones - they support the H.264/3GPcodec, too.

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