ATI Radeon HD2600 on Pentium 4 XP

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My pc crashed and I got it fixed but my dispute with the engineer is that the video is now crawling along.

ATI Radeon HD2600

XP operating system

Pentium 4 CPU 2.66 GHZ
2.67 GHZ, 3.12 RAM

I can't afford a new pc at the moment so what would be the ideal graphics card for this system?

Standard PC set-up with one monitor. Adobe Premiere CS3 and CS4. Too slow on CS4.

Gavin Gration
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Do you use the Radeon for ViVo?

Which OS?

What edit software?

Do you run huge monitors or modern games?

Can you be more specific about the 'what and when' of graphics crawling along?

All of this will help in providing answers.

For general editing via firewire most systems are happy with a basic thirty quid card. We use NVidia but I'm guessing Radeons will be just as good (we used to use them).

Some software uses the graphics card for accelerated effects (GPU processing) - in this instance a higher spec card helps.