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hey im new to this site, i have a sony dv handycam which i love :D im always filming things here and there, family get togethers etc. now i used to copy the video footage on to VHS but now i think its time for me to move up to dvd recording. i have the software that allows me to transfer my footage to my pc via usb, (i dont have a firewire lead). now my problems are
a) the video capturing done by my pc is amazing really clear but there is no audio at all,
b) the pc only captures up to 10minutes at a time.

has anybody else had these problems?? i did do a search all threads before i made one but i couldnt find anything mirroring my problem.
any help greatly appriciated thanks :)

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Hi Eshanz,
I suspect this is the common issue of having your pc system on the FAT32 file system, rather than NTFS.
FAT32 limits file sizes of anything, not just video, to 2gb.
2gb equates to 10 mins of a standard video file.

Regarding sound, it depends upon your camera and specific software.
Probably usb on your camera is for visual only aspect and you need to connect red and white output from your camera (possibly via a breakout lead) to the red/white inputs on your sound card.

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USB is not a good way to capture DV

Firewire is the sensible way to capture dv footage

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