AV & DV master + GeForce2 MX + A7PRO problems

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I have an AV & DV master cards. And they are both doesn't work on my new computer:
- Athlon/Tutnderbird 850
- MB Asus A7PRO (VIA KT133 chipset)
- AGP Asus GeForce2 MX 32Mb
- Windows 98se

My OS correctly detect this cards but as soon as i try to play any AVI file from FAST capture software my computer have a hard freezing (don't rebooting by Ctrl+Alt+Del).
This bag alike on both cards :-/

On my old computer both cards working correctly. Old computer is:

- Intel Pentium II 333MHz
- MB ATC6130 (Intel chipset)
- AGP Asus V2740TV
- Windows 98se

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Have you checked for conflicts with other devices? AV Master and DV Master both need their own IRQ between 9 and 15. If they share an IRQ with any other device it could cause the problem you describe. Do not install AV Master and DV Master in the system at the same time.

If there are no conflicts, then it sounds as if the problem is caused by the VIA-chipset motherboard. We recommend you use a Intel chipset.

Make sure you have the latest AV Master and DV Master drivers which you can download from www.dazzle-europe.com.

FAST UK Technical Support