AV Master 2000 AVMDRV32 failure

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I have an AV Master 2000 card.

I also have two PCs, one is a Dan, the other is a Dell. I have problems using the AV Master 2000 card using both PCs, although the problems are different in each case.

Let us first consider the most major problem.

I am able to successfully use the AV Master 2000 in the Dan, albeit not in every instance. However, when I fit the AV Master 2000 in the Dell with the relevant drivers installed, the system does not even recognise the card!

The avmdrv32 (AV Master Kernel Driver) fails to load at boot up and there is an Event Viewer log entry to this effect.

The Device Manager shows that the Fast AV Master device/service is not started and records and produces "Error 0031: A device attached to the system is not functioning" message.

With the Control Panel Multimedia Properties Devices, changing the Fast AV Master Kernel Driver Settings produces "There is no AV Master installed in your system. The driver is not loaded" error message.

I have consulted some installation troubleshooting notes that I found on one of the FAST Multimedia websites but this has not been able to rectify the situation.

Any help/support that anybody can give will be very gratefully received.


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Have you tried installing the card in different slots?
Also check whether it is possible to assign IRQ's in the BIOS, to ensure that AV Master is not sharing an IRQ (although it might not be possible to assign IRQ's in the BIOS, because big brand-name computers often have hard-wired IRQ's). If it remains impossible to get AV Master on its own IRQ between 9 and 15, contact Dan or Dell because they might be able to suggest a way of doing it on those particular motherboards.
If the card sometimes works in one of the systems, we can rule out that it is faulty.

Check which chipset the motherboard has. Although AV Master usually works on motherboards with any chipsets, there have been a few reports of it not working on some motherboards with VIA chipsets.

Also, make sure you install the latest drivers for your version of Windows. They can be downloaded from www.dazzle-europe.com.

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I have the same problem. I have tried run AVmaster card on GigaByte 6OXM7E (i815) with BIOS rev. f7 (only AVmaster on board) assigned IRQ10 and under WINNT4 I can see only this error message "avmdrv32 (AV Master Kernel Driver) fails to load" - when I check multimedia/video capture/avmaster - I have seen no IRQ service enabled and driver on IRQ2, but on the same machine, under WIN98SE or WINME it works fine. I tried all available version of drivers for NT but all AVmaster led lights red and no action was seen. Why ??? Thanx.