Avid Xpress Pro HD 5.2 release with HDV Support

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Richard Payne
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Go to http://www.avid.com/register/xprohd_cpr.asp

All registered users of Avid Xpress Pro HD version 5.x qualify for the version 5.2 software update. This PC-based release brings support for native High Definition Video (HDV) editing, adding the HDV format to Avid's Open Timeline which can now easily mix and match DV, DV50, uncompressed SD, DVCPRO HD, Avid DNxHD and HDV in real-time. This update, available via download, includes the v5.2 application for Windows XP, several README files, and installation instructions. After installing the Avid Xpress Pro HD update, you may also want to download and install the items found in the goodies.zip file. This download includes plug-ins for use in Avid Xpress Pro HD plus demos of third-party software that will allow you to get more out of your editing system.

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Have you had chance to comment on stability/reliability issues yet, Richard?

Richard Payne
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Trying it as I type. Stability seems good, based on the betas available before now. Testing on a variety of PC's and laptops will report back on performance.

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As a FCP user, I shouldn't even be here, but...

That DNxHD codec rocks.

I am so jealous. It makes the whole silly HDV thing work - we have to transcode to DVCPRO-HD and lose the horizontal rez. The AIC is a consumer codec. DNxHD makes HDV make sense - it's too fragile to edit natively, and the frame based nature allows the processor to do sane tasks like helping you rather than insane tasks like inventing virtual I frames on a cuts-only edit.

I spent quite some time on the Avid booth at IBC, and even entertained the idea of switching purely because of DNxHD. Sound extreme? Try editing native HDV. Try mixing HDV and DVCPRO-HD - even with DV. Don't go there.


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Yeah, the DNxHD codec is great: before Xpress Pro HD supported HDV natively I'd edit HDV in Liquid Edition, export the edited movie as DNxHD-185, then do the color grading and finishing in Avid, export from Avid as DNxHD-185 and recompress to MPEG-2. The final result was basically distinguishable from the original footage.

Doing the same with DVCPRO-HD, on the other hand, produced noticeable artifacts in the final MPEG-2 video.

Anyway, 5.2 seems to work with a few niggly bugs: I've just cut a showreel scene that I shot for an actor friend on my Z1 and there were no serious problems.

It can't handle realtime color correction plus a realtime image mask on my PC though... I had to crop out some garbage at the edge of the frame with the mask and have to render to get realtime playback.

Edit: Ok, and exporting is a pain. Even though I've rendered all the effects in the timeline (i.e. _the entire movie_) I still can't export it as a quicktime reference file, I have to export a Quicktime movie file.

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Richard Payne
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HDV editing with 5.2 is pretty slick on a 3.4 P4 Laptop with 2GB of ram. The overlay is excellent quality and playback is smooth. Colour correction and 2 layers possible in real time on overlay. Trimming a little sticky - better to use JKL trimming.

Through MOJO you get a SD preview if you change output to 25i. Dual core 3GHZ was a bit slicker.