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I wish to upgrade my modem from Windows ME to Windows XP. I have upgraded my Packard Bell ixtreme 9805 to Window XP but it is not accepting the modem. Therefore, I am not able to log on to AOL, how do I go about it please?
Charles Nicholas

Charles Nicholas

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I think you may have posted this in the wrong forum but I will try and assist (should be under general or chatter as its not NLE related!)

Windows XP obviously doesn't have a driver for your old Modem.
I am presuming that the old Modem is the one in your title.

You have obviously got access to the net (you posted this question) so log onto:

and then lownload the XP driver. This should make it work!
I always back up my downloaded drivers and programs onto a CD. Then in the future if you need a reinstall, you have everything on one disk.

Good luck

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packard bell modems are usually oem products they then 'lock' drivers for.

you forgot to run the xp compatability program , which would have warned you about them, and told you to get updated drivers before upgrading to xp.

in the long term you would probably find it less hassle to go and buy an external modem (usb or serial) which would give less hassle.

i found this page on packard bells site

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