Back to 1.5 and SP1 for me.

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Mike D
Joined: Dec 21 2000

I had good luck with the capture, and with Fastforward in general with the latest 1.6 software, but Premiere would crash. It always happened like this.. I could edit fine, for hours at a time in fact, then when I go to render, it would crash.. so, I'd export as a .dif file (expecting to import into FF and play out to tape that way) but it (Premiere) would randomly crash. It would go to the same spot.. say 689mb or so every time. So, I tried exporting a smaller file nowhere near the same point as the "crash point" and it would still crash but much quicker (maybe 50mb into it). I tried everything. Nothing worked. I just re-installed 1.5 with SP1 and guess what? No crashes with the exact same Premiere project. This was all on a fresh install of Win2K, Premiere 6.01, and FastForward 1.6 non beta.
Guess it's 1.5 for me until they update.
Hopefully it'll be soon, as I'm chompin at the bit to give WinXP a shot.

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