Back after a long break. Hard drive advice please

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Hi Guys,

Not posted since the computer video days! Been concentrating on my camara work and have let my Computer editing skills slide to the point where I can hardly remember what to do!
I now have a dell dimension 5150 with an integral 160gb drive. I'm using adobe premiere 6 and would like to connect up a 160 - 250 GB external drive. Is this possible now?
I've seen them on ebay for silly money (I can remember a friend paying £900 for a 9GB drive!!!! thats how long ago I started!) but want to make sure I get the right tool for the job.
Thanks guys


Bob Aldis
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I did exactly that, but put the 300gb hd in an old box which wasn't really up to it, so put it in the computer eventually. There have been lots of threads on the subject since you were last on here and I think a lot of members do a lot of their editing on laptops with external HDs now, so I can't see a problem.

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Bob Aldis

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LaCie do an external 250GB for around £60 now. Does your pc see the full 160GB of your internal drive. If not you will need to setup 48bit addressing in the registry, it's pretty easy, there are plenty of how-to's on the web. What OS? If XPsp2 then you should be ok.

I agree with Bob, I had the same trouble putting a 500GB drive in an old ADS IEEE1394 case. No matter what I did it only saw 125GB of it. I bought a new cheap Belkin case at it worked fine, so watch out for that as well.

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Alan Roberts
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If you're editing DV, and you're on XP, then an external drive will be fine. I use only laptops these days and it all works just fine. I connect via USB2 (USB1 and USB1.1 are too slow) and have no problems in editing, but the internal 7200rpm 160G drive on my shiny new DVC laptop is up for 4 tracks of DV played simultaneously without rendering (can't do that via USB).

The general advice is to use a Firewire external casing with 7200rpm drive(s) inside. LaCie are good and reliable unless you stack lots of them on top of each other (they get hot) and you can get a casing with USB2, Firewire 400 and Firewire 800, so you cover all the bases. I'd not consider getting any casing that relied on USB only, always go for one with Firewire even if you end up using USB (i.e. get one(s) with FW400 and USB2).

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the larger Lacie drives are notorious (500GB etc), and some of their models are perfectly fine for storage (which is what they were meant for) but not as media drives. Read a bit more on them if you go for lacie

agreed on the firewire, though the best option right now is eSATA drives. Just make sure you have an eSata port on your machine.

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