Barracuda ATA II slow data rate

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Am having a helluva time as a new user. Bought Pinnacle Studio DV and a Seagate Barracuda ATA II 20.4 GB hard drive.

Studio DV thus far is great, played with the tutorial etc, but then went to record data to hard drive.... big problem.

Neither my existing Seagate 8.4 GB U-DMA drive, nor the Barracuda met the min 4.0 Mbyte/sec criteria (Pinnacle software will run a test), so I get an error message immediately saying "Can't write to this drive".

I am using a 40 pin 40 wire cable with the Barracuda slaved to the drive 8.4 GB drive that was pre-installed on my HP PIII 450 MHz.

I don't believe this is a drive problem, I must have a config error somewhere... any advice???

Thanks... Kevin

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I can speak from personal experience that a seagate barracuda hard drive is faster than you describe- so it must be something else.

I just installed a Miro DC30+ capture card into a friends PC and the hard disk tests it's software provide seemed to tell me that the seagate barracuda 27gig drive and his system drive weren't as fast as they should be.
So I opened Device manager and made sure the UDMA settings for the disks were ticked. They were, then formatted both drives (after installing a new video card), reinstalled windows from scratch, and hey presto the disks ran at full speed!
A bloody miracle!

Run HD Tach from to test the disks. You should get over 15 megabyte/sec from your barracuda easy.

Your error message of "can't write to this disk" is strange. Did you use pinnacle's software properly?

And is your Barracuda set as a slave disk?

My setup preferance for you would be to put your system disk and cdrom on ide port 1, and the barracuda on ide port 2.

And one other thing- you have a HP PIII 450.
This is the slowest PIII intel made. Is you HP computer using the best bus mastering drivers?

Hope this helps

Magpie Billy

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Have you sorted the problem yet?

If so, what was the solution?

Bob C

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Magpie & Bob,

Went to Win 98 settings and changed both drives to DMA enabled.... now I am cooking! The 'cuda is now churning out 20+ Mb/sec read/write rates.

I shoulda' read the FAQs to begin with, sorry for such asking such a redundant question!

Thanks much for the help!