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Very new to all this.
I have a panasonic NV-MX300 DV camcorder. I don't have any DV software yet (except edit studio 1.5- free on a mag) but have just got a new computer: AMD Athlon XP 1800+ with Windows ME. Motherboard is the AK73. 512 SDRAM, 80GB Ide hard drive. ATI Radeon 7200 graphics card.

My question is this: As the motherboard has 3 IEEE 1394 slots, I want to know if I can simply but a DV lead for the camcorder to connect to one of the IEEE slots, and then some new software (if this edit studio stuff doesn't work) such as adobe premiere6, and be away editing happily. OR do I need to buy a separate video capture card specific for the job with its own software?

Suggestions please

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From the blerb, the Aopen firewire chip is OHCI compatible (an explanation of what this means is already on this site -use the search). This means that the Me video editor (which is very very basic) and most of the newer software will be fine and you won't need any extra hardware.

If you are just planning to do home videos of the family and holidays etc I would suggest you get a sub £100 program like Studio 7 (however there is quite choicE). Have a scan/seach through the CV section as there are alot of postings on the benifits of the different programs