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Here's the essence of an email I sent to the BBC's HD/Digital enquiry address

>I would like to view the BBCs HD output and I have an HD Ready television receiver.

>However, I do not wish to give money to Rupert Murdoch (so Sky is out) and Telewest, the local cable company, wrap up HD reception in all sorts of packages with other services that I don't want.

Here is their reply

The best option for you to receive the BBC's trial is via digital satellite.

Just like our other satellite broadcasts, the BBC's trial stream will not be encrypted, so open standard HD satellite receivers may be able to pick it up. However, the BBC has not tested these boxes and since this is a trial when we will be testing different technical parameters, there are no guarantees. You should ask your retailer or supplier whether receivers are compatible before you buy. You also need to understand that the BBC's HD trial is due to end after 12 months and such boxes may not receive the full range of on-screen programme information and interactivity.

To be compatible with the BBC's HD stream, a set top box must comply with the following:

It must have an HDTV logo - ie it has one of two digital connection types HDMI or DVI and supports HDCP, the specification used to protect digital content.

It can be demonstrated to decode the BBC's MPEG-4 HD stream

It decodes both DVB-S and DVB-S2 transmissions

It can recognise both the current and future values of HD service type used in the UK and the rest of Europe

The Frequency details for the HD trial are available on the following webpage:

More information about the trial is available at:

I hope this information is of some assistance to you and thank you again for contacting the BBC.


BBC Digital Information

The first local 'aerials and satellites' firm that I tried said "Can we get a engineer to ring you back in the morning?"

The second said "Sorry, you'll have to speak to Sky. We only deal with Sky"

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Thanks Gary - will investigte.