BBC Teams up with Microsoft on Internet Services

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The British Broadcasting Corporation is teaming up with MICROSOFT
CORP. to help develop the next generation of Internet services
for the world's biggest public broadcaster. BBC chief Mark
Thompson met Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates in Seattle on
Wednesday to sign the non-exclusive memorandum of understanding
and discuss the BBC's digital strategy. The companies said they
would examine plans for the BBC's vast online archive, ways to
share its programming and a re-invented BBC Web site in the
form of Web 2.0 -- the second generation of Internet-based
services. "Microsoft's strength is in driving digital
innovation and our vision is to open up rich, new consumer
experiences that allow people to enjoy digital content anytime,
anywhere and on any device," Gates said. "This vision fits
squarely with the BBC's charter to lead the industry in
delivering content that is compelling and accessible." Thompson
said the BBC needed to link up with leading technology companies
to put it in a strong position to embrace the creative
challenges of the digital future. "We are currently witnessing
unprecedented rates of change in technology and audience
expectations," he said.