Beachbox and mic question

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Hi folks.Here's a few audio questions maybe you can help please?
First: I have a Canon XM2 with 3.5 mini jack mic input.I hope to purchase a beachbox to get xlr balanced audio as soon as I can afford it.
I've looked at the beachtek dxa-4p which is for the canon xm2.
I know there are other makes but don't know of any cheaper alternatives as yet.Any help would be appreciated.Any uk dealers that sell used beachboxes?
I don't have huge budget!!
If I hire a sennheiser boom mic 416 or me 66 and a lavalier like sony ECM 77
Can I plug them both into the 2 XLR inputs on the beachbox or would I have to have a location mixer like SQN to phantom power the mics?
The DXA-4p has no power of it's own from what I've read.Also do I need any kind of mic transformer or pre amp type gadget .I don't want to damage my Camera as it's an expensive game this videography and I can do without any more debt!!