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Are there any (good) cards (preferably with a good software bundle) that will work well with the current crop of AMD cpu's?

If not, are any coming out soon that will? I think an AMD compatible, PCI Express version of an updated RT.X100 is exactly whats requires (hint hint Matrox).

Feedback about other people's experiences would be great. Sadly it looks like I may have to go the Intel route. :(

Thanks in advance for any help.



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I believe I've read that that Pinnacle's Liquid Edition Pro works well with AMD systems, although I have very little first hand experience, especially with AMD 64 systems. The Pinacle LE support forum web site might give more info. There may be an issue with some MB chipsets implementation of USB2.

Terry Stetler
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Recently one of my AMD systems took a hike due to a power surge and I had to do a quick replacement to keep the lab going, so I slapped together an AMD 64 rig with the following specs;

MSI RS480M2 (ATI RS480 chipset)
(this MB coes with both embedded gfx and a PCIe 16x slot)
AMD64 3000+ w/1gb dual channel
ATI All in Wonder X600 PCIe capture/display card
Promise SX4000 RAID5
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
2x DVD burners: Panasonic and LG

I've been using MediaStudio PRo 8.0 (beta and RC's), Premiere PRo and Pinnacles Studio software (came bundled with the AIW) in WinXP SP2 with no capture/output issues, though I really miss the Matrox P-750 display in the old system.

Directshow analog captures using a USB device (a Gainward TV to Go) go well enough as long as you don't use its bundled software in favor of the MSP8, PPro etc. capture tools.

ATI's theater mode TV-out, which requires using a desktop clone on the 2nd head because the card only has one overlay, leaves a bit to be desired once you've used Matrox's DVDMAX w/multliple overlays.

For this reason I'm looking at a Matrox APVe PCIe HD card. It has composite SD capture (when the HD out isn't enabled), PCIe 16x and HD output with 2 heads left over and DVDMAX.

HD input can be handled by a simple IEEE-1394 card.

Terry Stetler

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