Best Board for DV500

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Sorry Lipper for the copy-cat post (!) but I wonder if anyone could suggest a suitable board for a DV500 card.

I will be using:

---Windows 2000
---an Athlon 266fsb cpu (probably a 1ghz)
---a Matrox G450 dual head graphics card
---Soundblaster Live!
---ISA network card
---probably pc133 memory

I know someone who uses the Epox 8KTA3 board with a similar configuration and his system is very stable and fast - if anyone else is using this board could they provide their thoughts on it??


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After 6 months of hell trying to get an Asus K7M to work with my DV500 I decided that enough was enough and have now bought an Epox 8KTA3+ mainboard. Since this forum has helped me to quite a large extent I will do my best to let others know what kit I have and how I have set it up.

Here goes:

Sony DCR-VX2000 Camera
Globalwin YCC 802 ATX CASE
Enermax EG451P-VE 430watts Atx Power Supply
Globalwin WBK68 cooler
Athlon 1.33ghz 266fsb processor
Sony Multiscan 210ES 17" monitor (I want another to go with...)
Matrox G450 video card
Dual Boot Operating system (Win98 and Win2K)
256mb PC133 SDRAM (from Crucial)

1 x IBM Deskstar 75GXP 45GB FAT32 bootdisk - 3 partitions, c: = Win98, d: = Win2K, e: = Store Drive (all personal files etc.)

2 x IBM Deskstar 60GXP 41GB NTFS-formatted Video Drive (striped as Raid 0 using the onboard Highpoint 370 controller) - both drives set as MASTER on each of the two RAID channels

All ide cables ATA100 compatible

So how have I set it all up?

In BIOS I have disabled any ports etc that I am not using, i.e. parallel, serial and usb (probably enable once I know this system is tried and tested)

I have ACPI enabled - many irq's supposedly shared but seems to work FINE (for now anyway...)

I am currently using the onboard sound (will install Soundblaster 5.1 as time goes on)

Installed WIN2K service pack 1

Installed LATEST Via All-in-one drivers

Installed LATEST Highpoint 370 RAID driver

Installed LATEST Matrox G450 driver

Installed Adobe Premiere 6.0

Installed Adobe Premiere 6.01 update

Installed DV500 card but did not allow PNP OS to search for drivers - instead ran the DV500 Driver CD 2.0

Installed DV500 2.01 Update

So far so good. The system seems to be stable and I can edit quite happily. I plan to use this computer for work, email, internet, photo and video editing, MP3 listening, web site writing etc etc and so will slowly add components/files etc ONE BY ONE as time goes on

Watch this space for any further news....

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cassian which slot did you put the DV500 in?



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been away so sorry fot the delay - slot 3 is the answer.


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ASUS A7V is a great board provided you get the DV500 in the right slot