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OK, we're going for a change. The link below will take you, for a short period of time, to the in development website for Wicked Days.
When I say in development, I mean it. I.e. when I have finished writing this post I am going to carry on writing text to go on it.......
I know that the pictures on startup are pixelated - that is going to change but they are just there is an indicator at the moment. Likewise music, copyright needs to be investigated. There is also nothing on the gallery page at the moment. Issues with photos are still to be finalised. What I am after is your impressions of the site and what more could be done.
There will soon be pictures that go behind the text pages.

It is a work in progress - I want people's thoughts now so that I have dealt with issues I have missed before it goes live, which needs to be soon as I have inadvertently screwed up parts of our current website and can't fix it, but that's another story.....

Sorry, I've removed the site link to make suggested changes and mull things over......

Thank you.

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Just a few quick technical things before I switch my computer off for today.
Your logo "Wicked Days Productions" at the top right hand side does not display correctly (tried it in Firefox3 and IE7), the top part is cut off. Just noticed, the bottom part gets cut off as well.
Also, I don't really like music starting to play as you open a website. I know a lot of people browse the net while at the office and have to frantically find the sound off button not to get caught.
Might also go for clearer pictures, some of them are just too pixelated.

Don't know if you want to pass this on to David Jackson:
His site states "welcome to David Jackson Photograp". The rest is cut off.

It is easier to be critical than correct.

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Very professional looking, all worked for me except - Photo Gallery link.

The page link to the photograper needs to open in a new tab or page in case your viewer has not yet bookmarked your site - nothing more annoying than losing the page you were on and having to go back and find it.

Did have to turn my pop up blocker off on one page when Firefox (on a Mac) warned me of a popup being blocked.

Picture grabs on main sequence still have a bit of interlacing on them and are not as sharp as I'd like to see but overall a very nice looking site - well done.

Dave Farrants Fox Video Editing

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I agree about the photography. With you having a main button link it gives the impression that it is you doing the photography? Rest works well and reads well - Karrie Watching life and filming the best bits ...

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Can't do with the full page images, I think they would be far better scaled down, framed and set on a dark background. If you're going to use b+w photos then they need to be b+w, not several shades o grey. I think your old site had more punch.

I agree with the comments about the photographer, if it's part of WD then make it more integrated otherwise I can't see the need for more than the standard link to the other site.

Sorry Jeremy, I just don't see it hitting the market your looking for.


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Hi Jeremy,

I'm just writting a list of what I find as I look at your site, hope it doesn't seem abrupt

The Photo Gallery link didn't work. (Ok just noticed you wrote that in your original post)

The Film Samples player is far better than your old site, it loads quick and looks much nicer. The only thing is I don't know what video I'm watching. i.e. is it your showreel or a highlight section or arrivals etc.

I really liked your about us page; really friendly and welcoming. Just personal preference but I'd maybe have put that as your second page or combine with your home page and maybe not in the middle as it feels as though I've seen half your site before I read your welcome.

The FAQs aren't really clear and look cluttered. It was difficult to see what was the question and what was the answer. Just making the questions bigger or bolder might do it.

I checked your blog and really liked it but (might just be me) I couldn't find a link back to your main site.

Overall really nice, It's different without being to dissimilar to your old site and is recognizable as wicked days to any bride who may have just had a passing glance at your old site.

P.s. I hope someone else is handling the video section:D

John Paul

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I've just spat my tea out on the computer at that last comment Lusky. Thanks....:D You have a good point!

Thanks to all for the comments so far, very useful indeed. I will take the link down at some point tomorrow in case anyone else has more pointers to make, but for the time being I have taken all comments on board and will try to accommodate your helpful observations.