BIOS does not recognise 25GB, or does it ?--Help !

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I have a Gateway Pentium2 with an astoria motherboard and P14 bios.

On start up the BIOS setup utility recognises the 25GB drive as the primary slave reporting correctly as an IBM-DJNA-352500.

When looking at the primary IDE slave page of the BIOS set up utility there are two sections the first is headed CHS format and reports Cylinders:16383, Heads 16, Sectors:63 and maximum capacity as 8455MB. This followed by a section headed LBA format which shows 16514064 sectors and a maximum capacity of 25 MB. Multi sector transfers:16 sectors, Lba Mode control:enabled, Transfer mode: FPIO & Bus masteringt, Ultra DMA: Mode 2.

What does CHS and LBA stand for. Will the machine read the disk, Gateway 2000 say it will only recognise a maximum of 8 gb of the disk.

Any ideas what I should do next or have I wasted my money on this drive.

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Alll I did was go to the IBM website and down loaded a funky little program that set up, partitioned and formatted my drive (you will need the serial number of the drive).

Online manuals for your drive are at

Only works with IBM drives